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Upper Greenwood Lake School PTA Class Parent Information

Currently the parties are scheduled on:

Halloween - Wednesday 10/31
Winter - Friday 12/14
Field Day (6/14/18) help with water balloons for your class.  
End of Year - TBD with the classroom teacher

Class Parent Name Grade & TEACHER
Samantha Perry K Fusco
Heather Velez K Fusco
Lucy Sanchez K Fusco
Marcia Kershaw K Thompson
Melissa Hartig K Thompson
Heidi Becker K Thompson
Waira Chard K Thompson
Tara Ariola 1 Schenk
Mayhra Contreras 1 Schenk
Kristine Ralicki 1 Schenk
Alicia Schenk 1 Terry-Egli
Michele Bryan 1 Terry-Egli
Kathleen Cardona 2 Post
Kerri Cury 2 Post
Kelly Corsi 2 Turner
Pamela Polglaze 2 Turner
Heather Becker 3 Accardi
Olga Alvarado 3 Accardi
Shannon Moss-Henkel 3 Harris
Lori Nolan 3 Harris
Danielle Rozon 4 Comerford
Jennifer Iwaszczuk 4 Comerford
Tammy Sloan 4 Comerford
Theresa Reilly 4 Hatem
Priscilla Martinez 4 Hatem
Brittany Wright 4 Merritt
Cara Allison 4 Merritt
Damaris Lerant 5 Pappas
Michele Denistran 5 Pappas
Monica Church 5 Spohn
Laura Quirk 5 Spohn
Sheila Ringressy 6 Morris
Cindy DeLorenzo 6 Morris
Nicole Bower 6 Morris
Tori Carolan 6 Turi
Laura OBrien 6 Turi
Barbara Luciw 6 Turi


1. CHECK REQUEST CLASS PARENT can be submitted for reimbursement on class party expenses. Reimbursement cannot exceed the allocated budget. Do not use a highlighter on the receipt as it will cause the dollar value to disappear. Please circle with a pen if necessary. Receipts can be attached via tape or paper clip to the back of the form. Please do not staple!

Important Notice- Class party reimbursements will not be made after the school year ends.  All check requests must be submitted by the last day of school.

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